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Beagle HL

Applied Beagle HL

Applied Automation IIoT Beagle Controller Image


Product Features

• Ethernet speed: 10Mbps
• DHCP enabled
• IoT Implementation
• RS485 Serial communication
• Enocean 868Mhz
• Sensor Based Lights Control
• Night Mode Control
• Energy Consumption Monitoring
• Energy Saving
• Omni-Directional Radiation Pattern

Product Description

Applied Beagle IIoT Controller is designed and developed to interface with Slave devices such as Keypads and Sensors . Slave device is capable of being controlled by Master AIOHA/AIO411 controller through Rs485/wireless enocean. Device Live status is updated in Cloud Server through TCP/IP. AIOHA/AIO411 automatically does this function when powered up and internet connection provided.


Technical Specification
Supply Voltage +24VDC SMPS
Current Rating +24VDC max @200mA
Operating Temperature – 45 to +60 deg C
Humidity 20% to 85%
Switch Input(Reset) 1
Protocol TCP/IP
Serial Communication RS485
Wireless Communication Enocean 868Mhz
Data sending Interval Configurable
Board Dimension(LxW) 74×72 mm
Connector 3.50 mm Pluggable connector
IIoT Web Browser
Ethernet DHCP/Static
IIoT Server IP(DNS)
IIoT Server Port 40000
Antenna Type Whip Antenna
Radiation Type Omni-Direction
Impedance 50 ohm
Gain 3dBi
Antenna Freq 868Mhz
Beagle A

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