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Breather Controller With TimeStamp Datalog

Breather Controller With TimeStamp Datalog

Transformer Breather Compartment’s dryer controller


Product Features

• Electrical direct controls using Relays
• Web browser application .
• RS485 connectivity
• Ethernet speed: 10Mbps
• Backup the parameters using Supercapacitor, when power is turned of
• Datalog with Timestamp provided

Product Description

Applied Breather controller is one of our products which is well designed and developed for the purpose of Transformer Breather Compartment’s dryer application. ABR100 controls the drying ,regeneration using preset timers, input/output control relays. It also takes input from a humidity sensor for triggering the regeneration mode.


Technical Specification:
Supply Voltage +24VDC SMPS
Current rating +24VDC max @200mA
Operating Temperature -45 to +60 deg C
Humidity 20% to 85%
Analog Input 4-20mA (or) 0-5V
Switch Input 1
Digital Inputs 2 (+24v DC)
Status LED Indication 8
Relay Outputs 8
Relay Current Rating 8A/250VAC, Coil +24VDC
Serial Communication RS485
Power Backup Super capacitor
Current Transformer LOAD current monitoring- PCB mount
Load 1:Heater 1 0.14A 32W Resistive load
Load 2:Heater 2 0.14A 32W Resistive load
Load 3:Fan +24V DC Fan motor
Load 4:Solenoid Valve 1 +24VDC
Load 5:Solenoid Valve 2 +24VDC
Load 6:Solenoid Valve3 +24VDC
Load 7:Solenoid Valve 4 +24VDC
Board Dimension(LxW) 120x108mm
Connector 5.08mm Pitch Pluggable Connector 2.54mm Pitch 34(17×2)PIN Bergstrip 2.54mm Pitch 16PIN FRC
Breather Controller

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