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Communication Module

Communication Module – RS232C to IEC61850 Converter

Applied Communication module is a RS232C to IEC61850 converter


Product Features

• 8 bit Asynchronous Serial communication
• Configurable baud rate & other Serial communication parameters
• Optical performance of the Asynchronous Transfer Mode 100 Mb/s
• Ethernet speed: 10 Mbps
• Protocol: Modbus RTU to IEC-61850

Product Description

Applied ACM100+SYNC 241 with Plug In Fiber ST is a RS232C to IEC61850 converter with Fibre Optic port or Plug In Ethernet RJ-45. Developed to be used with PLC connected on RS232C with Modbus Protocol. This module converts into IEC61850 Protocol, implementation for MMS Protocol application.


Technical Specification
Supply Voltage +24VDC SMPS
Current rating 90mA at +24vdc
Operating Temperature – 20 to +70 deg C
Humidity 5% to 90% 5A @ 24V DC max
Serial Communication RS232 to Fibre Optics/Ethernet RS485 to Fibre Optics/Ethernet(Optional)
Protocol Modbus RTU to IEC-61850
Reset Switch 1
Board Dimension(LxW 120x72mm
Connector 3.5mm Pluggable Connector 2mm Pitch 16×2 berg Strip
RTC 56bytes NV RAM & 3V CMOS battery for RTC power
Voltage Requirements* 3.3V,2W
LED Indication* Link-yellow & Activity- Green
FO ST connector* To plug multi mode 1300nm Fiber
Eth connector* RJ-45
Fibre Cable* 62.5/125 μm & 50/125 μm multi mode fibre cable can be used
Communication* upto 115.2 Kbps
Casing Type DIN Rail casing & Metal sheet with powder coated
Mounting Hole 4nos 4mmr
Software ”EC CONNECT” for Configuration & ICD File generation for SCADA implementation
Serial Communication Parameters(default)
Baud Rate 9600 bps
Data Bits 8
Parity none
Stop Bits 1
Flow Control none
IEC 61850 Parameters
IEC 61850 For MMS Application IP Address Configurable
NOTE: * indicates Spec details for SYNC241 Module
Communication Module

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