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RS485 Relay Module- 8 Way

RS485 Relay Module- 8 Way

Applied RS485 8 Relay Module is for operating multiple loads


Product Features

• Electrical direct controls using Relays
• RS485 connectivity
• Load can be controlled by mobile application.
• User can choose UPS connections to the particular loads, remaining loads works under EB
• Coil Voltage : 12VDC

Product Description

Applied RS485 Relay Module is designed & developed for operating multiple loads such as Lights ,fans & motors etc.. This Relay Module is capable of being controlled by AIOHA controllers through Rs485/wireless enocean alliance .


Technical Specification
Power Supply Voltage 100-240VAC Universal input, 50hz
Operating Temperature 0 to +60 deg C
Humidity 20% to 85%
Relay Outputs 8
Relay Current Rating 8A/250VAC
Resistive Loads Tungsten & Halogen light 500W
Capacitive Loads LED & CFL 100W
Inductive Loads Fan & Motor 65W
Serial Communication RS485
Protocol ModBus RTU
Board Dimension(LxW)in mm 130×45
Connector : 3.5mm Pitch Pluggable Connector
Wireless Communication ENOCEAN-868MHz
Serial Communication Parameters(default)
Baud Rate 9600 bps
Data Bits 8
Parity none
Flow Control none


• Power Supply Voltage : 230VAC • Power cable is inserted into the Pluggable connector as per the letters printed on the board. • Excess stripping of wires will make shorts between two wires. So,strip out only necessary length of wires
Relay Module 8 Way

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