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Relay Module – 12 Channel x 10A Each

Relay Module – 12 Channel x 10A Each

Applied Relay Module 12 Channel


Product Features

• Relay module with 12Channel
• Freewheeling diode across relay coil for protection.
• High switching power: 10A @ 250VAC
• Coil power consumption: 360mW

Product Description

Applied Relay Module is designed for switching high-current electrical loads such as both AC and DC. Each relay has NO and NC ports,
easier to connect and control the connected devices.


Technical Specification
Input Voltage +24VDC
Coil resistance 1600 ohm
Coil current 15mA
Load Current rating 10A @ 250V AC max 5A @ 24V DC max
Operating Temperature -45 to +60 deg C
Humidity 20% to 85%
Relay Type Electromechanical SPDT
Relay contact type NO & NC
Protection Freewheeling diode across relay coil
Relay Outputs 12
LED Indication Green LED for input status
Board Dimension(LxW) 145x72mm
Casing Type DIN Rail casing
Mounting Hole 4nos 4mm
Connector 5.08mm Pitch screw type PCB terminals block 3.5mm Pitch Connector
Relay Module 12 Channel

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