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Transformer Dryout System

Transformer Dryout System

Applied Transformer Dryout System Controller


Product Features

• Electrical direct controls using Relays
• Backup the parameters using Supercapacitor, when power is turned off
• Web browser application
• Ethernet speed: 10Mbps
• RS232 Conncectivity

Product Description

Transformer Dryout System is designed and developed to provide a cost effective and convenient method of maintaining transformers in a dry condition. TDS will work on pre-programmed schedule and automatically triggers itself for operation using preset timers, input/output control relays.

Optional Features on Request

• IIoT
• BRS485 connectivity


Technical Specification
Supply Voltage +24VDC SMPS
Current rating +24VDC max @200mA
Operating Temperature -45 to +60 deg C
Humidity 20% to 85%
Analog Input 4-20mA(4 Channel)
Reset Switch 1
Digital Output 3 (+24v DC)
Digital Outputs 10
Power Backup Super capacitor
Load 1 PUMP
Load 2 EV1
Load 3 EV2
Load 4 EV3
Load 5 EV4
Load 6 EV5
Load 7 EV6
Protocol TCP/IP Modbus
Board Dimension(LxW) 120x108mm
Connector 5.08mm Pitch Pluggable Connector 2.54mm Pitch 16PIN FRC 2.54mm Pitch 34(17×2)PIN Bergstrip
Transformer Dryout System

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